A repetitive presence of ‘grids’ is the main theme of my works. The grids are often recognized as a symbol of civilization. However, I use them as a medium that narrates the duality of modern society’s ideology, which suppresses nature and individuals. Through such a notion of ‘grids’, I make dialogues on how grids can be another great power of capitalistic society that subordinates civilizations, power relations, and even ideas of utopia. In modern society, materialism, rationalism, and more are becoming significant authorities. Such authorities, however, are destroying nature and humans. Gentrification, human-alienation, and depreciation of nature are chronicle drawbacks of those authorities. In my practice, I use a broad range of materials such as sculpture, painting, photography, and performance in order to accentuate various facets of ‘grids’ and its derived system of capitalistic society.

The notion of ‘grids’ played an emblematic role why I decided to be an artist. I used to live in a small town where urbanization had started to happen. The renewal of the town had started by demolishing small buildings, houses, parks, and community centers those were not in high efficiency. Trees, flowers, alleys, and viewing points of hills were torn down with dust. I witnessed how grids were core infrastructures of any buildings regardless of their purposes. Almost every construction was in a ‘grid’ shape. The standardized creations seemed to be not interested in its purpose. Such grids were later painted with tree illustrations and branded with eco-friendly dwellings.  This superficial justification of the death of nature was disturbing because it exists in different forms in various aspects of our society.

After researching on various topics regarding rapid urbanization due to the capitalist movement, I juxtapose collected or created images on the ‘grids’. The end result is often interpreted as abstract painting, drawing, and more. The unlimited analysis from an audience is another significant point in my practice.